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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

India, Mumbai : Dengue claims Worli teen, its first casualty in city this year

Article via Times of India, excerpt :

A teenager from Worli on Monday became the first victim of dengue in the city this year.

The fever affected the 14-year-old's brain severely, causing a stroke, viral encephalitis and later, a complete breakdown of his lungs and kidneys. The multiple complications the boy suffered over three weeks before succumbing has got the doctors worried.

The city had seen its 
last dengue casualties in December last year - a father and his four-year-old daughter from Malwani. This year, Mumbai has reported 338 cases and one death so far.

Omkar Raje, from the Koliwada area, got 
the usual symptoms of dengue like high fever, chills and rigidity and was taken to Parel's KEM Hospital by his family in mid-July. Within three days his fever subsided and he went home, only to be rushed back after he started getting epileptic fits.

Later, he suffered a stroke and had to be shifted to ICU. The stroke left him with no sensation in 
the legs. Doctors realized that the shock had also caused aphasia, damaging his ability to speak. He had also developed viral encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain triggered by a potent infection."

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