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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Singapore's 5th dengue death this year

Via Channel News Asia :

A 52-year-old Chinese man has died of dengue, the fifth local dengue death this year.
The victim lived at Corporation Walk, said a joint statement by the Ministry of Health and the National Environment Agency (NEA).
The patient was first seen at Jurong Polyclinic on 29 June this year with a two-day history of fever.
He returned to the polyclinic on 4 July as he was still having fever and was referred by the polyclinic to the National University Hospital (NUH) emergency department.
He was admitted to NUH's Medical Intensive Care Unit on the same day and was diagnosed with Dengue Shock Syndrome.
The patient's condition improved transiently after dialysis and supportive therapy but he remained critically ill with low blood counts.
The patient's condition deteriorated after he developed pneumonia with septic shock on Sunday and he died on Tuesday."

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