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Friday, August 2, 2013

Taiwan : Mail carriers hope for vaccinations amid rabies outbreak

Via Focus Taiwan :

" Post office workers on Friday expressed concern over the spread of rabies in recent weeks, appealing to the government for priority vaccinations and urging the public to control their pets to prevent any potentially dangerous encounters.

As the rabies outbreak continues to spread across Taiwan, mail carriers are at a higher risk than most. A survey indicates that in 2011, two to three postal workers were victims of dog bites each day, according to the labor union of the state-owned Chunghwa Post Co.

That figure worries Taiwan's 9,000-odd postal workers, many of whom must deliver letters and parcels in remote areas where encounters with wild and feral animals is commonplace.

"We need some sort of protection to get our job done," said union spokesman Wan Jung-wen, adding that postal employees often encounter trouble with dogs.

During the company's recruitment drive this past June, candidates earned bonus points for their ability to adapt to adverse situations like aggressive dogs and traffic accidents, underscoring the seriousness of animal attacks.

The union has asked the public to keep their dogs away from doorbells and mailboxes to avoid unexpected run-ins when delivering the mail."

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