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Thursday, June 24, 2010

India : 33 H1N1 cases till May, 60 in June alone

Via Indian Express :

" The number of H1N1 cases in Mumbai has shot up in the rainy season, with 60 cases between June 1 and 23, after only 33 from January 1 to May 30.

Additional municipal commissioner Manisha Mhaiskar said that due to early showers, the number of cases has been more than that in the same period last year. “We are observing an increase in the number of cases over the past few weeks. The virus is in the air and the likelihood of people falling prey this time is greater.”

Of the positive cases, 13 are children, including five girls, 18 are men and 29 are women, nine of them pregnant. Pregnant women are in the high-risk category along with children and those with chronic problems like diabetes, obesity and blood pressure. Five patients are admitted to hospital. Two boys and two pregnant women have died so far."

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