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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

India : Rise in number of H1N1 cases likely during monsoon

Via Indian Express :

" A rise in the number of cases of HINI virus (swine flu) is likely during the monsoons. According to National Institute of Virology (NIV) Director Dr A C Mishra, the weather conditions are conducive to viral transmission but there is no reason to panic as the strain is similar to that of last year, with no mutation. The beginning of the academic year has seen three students being infected while last year a total of 947 students had been infected in varying age groups and 17 had died.

The Indian Academy of Paediatrics, Pune branch, is of the opinion that the vaccine should be used for prevention of the HINI virus. Dr Shishir Modak, president of the Pune unit of IAP, said the vaccine for the paediatric age group should be available by July and the present one ‘Flu Vac’ should be taken by adults, including the high-risk group. "

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