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Thursday, June 24, 2010

India : H1N1 virus has mutated

Via Hindustan Times, we need to keep an eye on this :

" The H1N1 virus has undergone a slight genetic mutation and its effect on patients has also changed. But patients are still responding to anti-viral drug Tamiflu.

“Unlike last year, swine flu patients don’t have high fever these days. Severe sore throat and backache are the most prominent symptoms now,” said Dr G.T. Ambe, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s executive health officer.

He added that Tamiflu and the vaccine are still “very effective.” The state Directorate of Health Services had called for a meeting of experts and officials involved in tackling swine flu on Wednesday.

Dr A.C. Mishra, director of the National Institute of Virology, who attended the meeting in Mumbai, shared insights about the change in antigenicity of the virus (ability to cause production of antibodies), according to sources.

Infectious disease specialist Dr Om Srivastav has also observed changes in the clinical manifestation of swine flu. “Fever is not a predominant feature anymore,” he said."

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