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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

India : Diarrhoea is city's worst nightmare

Via DNA India :

" Mumbai: Even as the city’s civic authorities spend crores on malaria control and H1N1 vaccination drive, another problem — that of diarrhoea, which tops the list of illnesses in Mumbai — is being completely ignored.

The discovery happened through a ward-wise study on the top five diseases detected in the city’s civic dispensaries.

Diarrhoea had the highest incidence — 1,57,575 registered cases in 158 dispensaries across the city’s 24 wards in a two-year period from January 2008 to November 2009.

Hypertension came in second with 32,753 cases, followed by malaria and tuberculosis with 27, 025 and 19,561 cases respectively. Diabetes with just 4,898 cases was fourth on the list.

The information was compiled by the Praja Foundation — a Mumbai-based voluntary organisation that works on urban and civic issues, particularly pertaining to health, education and crime — after a right to information (RTI) application was filed to find out the number of cases registered in the city’s civic dispensaries. "

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