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Friday, June 25, 2010

Seven cholera deaths in Kenya in a week

Via IRIN :

" NAIROBI, 24 June 2010 : Poor latrine coverage and unsafe drinking water are helping to fuel a cholera outbreak affecting parts of Nairobi, the Rift Valley and the coastal region, the director of public health and sanitation, Shahnaaz Sharif, told IRIN on 24 June.

At least seven deaths have been recorded in the last week; four in East Pokot and three in Kaloleni (Coast Province), he said. "In Kaloleni, the people are using an open pond for water; the case is the same in East Pokot… Latrine coverage is non-existent in East Pokot.

The people are nomadic herders and use the bush for the toilet… They also have no access to roof catchments or taps for water." "

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