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Friday, June 25, 2010

Indonesia : Suspected Bird Flu Patients Improving

An update coming out of Indonesia with regards to the latest bird flu. I've used Google Translate on the original article from Pontianak Post :

" PONIANAK : The development of bird flu patients is indicated, Deby, who is currently hospitalized in isolation room dr Soedarso Pontiac improved health.

According to Ida Royani, coordinator of the team nurses who specialize in bird flu patients, said the condition of 4.8-year-old boy was kept healthy compared to the time of admission to hospital.

"At this time his temperature 36 degrees centigrade. Pulse 112 times a minute, breathing 28 times a minute, and blood tension 110 per 60.Better than when he first entered the body temperature 39 degrees, "explains this Royani.Saat Ida, Ida explains, patients are given treatment in the form of therapy and delivery of injectable drugs and oral drugs.

In addition, the provision containing oseltamivir Tamiflu is an antiviral treatment. This drug is proven to suppress the ability of the virus to spread from infected cells to healthy cells."

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