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Monday, June 28, 2010

Philippines : Dengue cases rise 90% in Cordillera

Via Manila Bulletin :

" BAGUIO CITY : The Cordillera office of the Center for Health Development (CHD) was forced to declare a heightened alert on the dreaded dengue fever following a 90 percent increase in the cases in the different parts of the region for the first semester of the year.

Based on reports gathered from 58 hospitals and health centers in the region, dengue fever cases rose to 550 cases from January 1 to the present compared to the 289 cases registered during the same period last year.This year, Ifugao recorded the highest number of dengue fever cases with 187 followed by Mountain province with 97 with reported clustering of cases in Callutit, Bontoc town.

On the other hand, Benguet registered 72 cases with the capital town of La Trinidad having a significant increase in individuals affected by dengue fever over the past several weeks.
Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) has chosen this mountain resort city as one of its key pilot areas for its zero dengue program but dengue fever cases are still on the rise, especially in populated barangays."

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