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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Indonesia : No Area of East Jakarta Free from Dengue Fever

Via Berita Jakarta :

" It seems that the efforts of East Jakarta government to combat dengue fever have not run optimally. The sluggish outcome is clearly indicated by the absence of urban village categorized as green zone, or the area free from dengue fever.

East Jakarta Health Agency reveals that during this year there have been 4,622 dengue fever cases recorded, with none of the total 65 urban villages in the municipality declared as green zone; while the red zone covers 32 urban villages and yellow zone includes the rest of 33 urban villages.

Some of the red zone areas are Bambuapus, Ceger, Batuampar, Kampungmelayu, and Kayumanis urban villages; and the yellow ones are Cililitan, Pisanganbaru, Cibubur, Cipinangmelayu, and Cakungbarat urban villages. "

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