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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Philippines : Dengue virus turns virulent, makes recovery more difficult

Via Inquirer :

" Health authorities yesterday warned the public against four strains of the dengue virus circulating in Cebu which could make their recovery from the mosquito born-disease more difficult.

Dr. Raymund Ogan, dengue coordinator of the Cebu City Health Department, said it would be more difficult for a person infected by two if not by four strains of the dengue virus to recover.

Ogan said the second infection would be more severe since a patient’s immune system had just barely recovered.

A person recuperating from one type of dengue virus is not immune to the three other strains.

Ogan said that a person infected with more than one dengue virus would immediately experience symptoms after three days compared to the eight to 15 days for only one dengue virus. The person’s health will also decline faster.

He said the strains of dengue are not classified according to the intensity of the virus. They only differ in the type of the carrier mosquitoes."

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