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Monday, August 30, 2010

Pakistan : Dengue cases on the rise in Karachi

Via The Nation, diseases starts to flow in Karachi :

" KARACHI : Dengue Fever has resurfaced here in the provincial metropolis following the heavy monsoon rains, as dozens of patients with symptoms of the fever are said to have been reported in different hospitals of the city.

The patients are rushing to different health facilities with the symptoms of bleeding, high fever and vomiting, as rainy days are specific for breeding of mosquitoes causing dengue fever, which is largely an urban phenomenon.

The heavy torrential rains in the province may help activating victors (eggs) of the mosquitoes as rains have created new ponds which have the potential to multiply the incidence of the disease if the water of these temporary pools does not drain out immediately.

The water collected under air conditioner vents, and even unused WCs in the house can serve as breeding grounds for Aedes aegypti mosquito. While the temperature from 22 to 30 degree centigrade help in the breeding of mosquitoes. However, dilemma of flood in the country, especially in Sindh may aggravate the situation. On the other hand, the Sindh Health Department has yet to activate its Dengue Fever Monitoring Cell despite the fact that several dengue cases have resurfaced in the city."

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