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Monday, August 30, 2010

Indonesia : Meulaboh’s chickens test positive bird flu; Forty percent Indonesia’s bird flu victims are children

Via the ever reliable Ida at Bird Flu Information Corner, 2 different reports about bird flu :

Meulaboh, Aceh - Meulaboh’s chickens test positive bird flu.

" Meulaboh : Chickens in Seuneubok village, kecamatan (sub-district) Johan Pahlawan, Meulaboh, West Aceh found to have suddenly died since Friday (27/8).

Further investigation by Participatory Disease Surveillance and Response (PDSR), Agriculture of Livestock Service West Aceh confirmed those chickens died of bird flu H5N1.

Control measures had been taken by burning and burying dead chickens, also by culling the survivors."

Indonesia - Forty percent bird flu victims in Indonesia are children

" National Committee of Avian Influenza Control and Influenza Pandemic Preparedness (Komnas FPBI) recorded forty percent of 160 bird flu victims in Indonesia are children.

This was stated by Communication Specialist Staff, Arie Rukmantara in Padang, West Sumatera, Sunday (29/8) at a meeting of animal and human bird flu information dissemination for West Sumatera authorities.

“Data was taken from 2006 to 2009. Of forty percent cases mostly occurred in Jakarta, Banten and Surabaya,” said Arie."

Go to Ida's site for the respective links.

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