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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Indonesia: H5N1 Infected Chickens Sold At Market

As always Mike Coston at Avian Flu Diary provides his insightful thought when covering any news coverage, this time on H5N1 in Indonesia, excerpt :

" Back in the late 1920s my grandfather kept chickens in the backyard. Every Sunday morning he’d tell my Dad (who was a young boy at the time) to go out back and grab the sickliest looking bird for their Sunday meal.

It was a pragmatic decision back then, given the lack of refrigeration. And, of course, bird flu wasn’t a concern.

But today, sickly chickens are viewed somewhat more suspiciously, at least in regions where bird flu is endemic.

At least, that’s what we expect to happen.

But a story today from ANTARA news tells us that there are exceptions to that practice. A poultry vendor in East Java, Indonesia who had 60 chickens die suddenly last week, admits he sold the fresh carcasses to a wet market."

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