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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Puerto Rico : Baby’s dengue death lifts P.R. toll to 8

Dengue is back in Puerto Rico, an article from Carribbean Business :

" The death toll from the dengue epidemic in Puerto Rico hit eight as the number of cases of the mosquito-borne virus shot up again after a brief slowdown.

Health Secretary Lorenzo González said the latest fatal victim was a San Juan infant of less than a year old.

A total of 904 dengue cases were reported during the most recent week registered July 30-August 5), 734 cases above the epidemic threshold and 174 more cases than logged during the prior week. The 730 suspected dengue cases logged that week (July 23-29) marked the only slowing in the incidence of dengue since the epidemic was declared months ago.

Another two new cases of hemorrhagic dengue, the most serious strain, were confirmed in the most recent week reported, bringing the total to 27 for the year.

The municipalities with the most cases for the week were: Ponce, San Juan, Aguadilla, San Sebastián, Arecibo and Bayamón."

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