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Thursday, August 26, 2010

India : Now, chikungunya rears its head

Via DNA India :

" It’s the season for mosquito-borne illnesses. After malaria and dengue, yet another mosquito-borne viral illness, chikungunya, has reared its head, much to the dismay of overburdened doctors and patients in the city.

“There has been a sudden spurt in dengue and chikungunya cases,” said Dr Om Shrivastav, consultant on infectious diseases, Jaslok Hospital, and unit head at Kasturba.

According to doctors, what is worrying is that the infection may go unrecognised or be misdiagnosed as dengue. This is because chikungunya symptoms, like chills, joint pain, body ache, etc, are quite similar to the ones for dengue. "

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