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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Indonesia : Bengkulu - Bird flu H5N1 prefers backyard chickens

More news updates from Ida at Bird Flu Information Corner :

" Bengkulu : Bird flu H5N1 preferably attacks native or backyard chickens, so broiler chicken meat consumption is relatively safe, said Head of Animal Health Division of Bengkulu Livestock Service (Disnakwan), Varisna Bahar.

Until now Disnakwan Bengkulu is still prohibiting chicken transport incoming and outgoing of Bengkulu. However, broiler chickens can be sold out of Bengkulu after the farms have passed certain examinations done by Disnakwan, and received transporting permit.

This action is done to prevent overstock of broiler chicken inside Bengkulu.

Varisna said bird flu H5N1 had killed hundreds of chicken in two municipals (Kabupaten) and a city; Kabupaten Central Bengkulu and Kepahiang, and Bengkulu city."

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