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Monday, September 12, 2011

Macau : Scarlet fever cases ‘dropping’

Article via Macau Daily Times :

" Macau recorded 87 cases of scarlet fever up until yesterday, a significant increase compared to the 16 cases last year, according to figures from the Health Bureau. Director of the bureau, Lei Chin Ion, assured at a press conference yesterday that the situation is under control.

“Cases are dropping and there was no significant increase after the re-opening of schools. No cases of death were reported either,” Lei said.

Scarlet fever is an illness potentially fatal among children. Hong Kong declared an outbreak in June and two children died from scarlet fever this year in the neighbouring territory.

Unlike Macau, the HKSAR has reported an increase after the new school year commenced last week.

The head of Hong Kong’s Department of Health (DP), Lam Ping Yan, told reporters there were more than 1,100 cases this year. He pledged that authorities will closely monitor the situation in schools and continue to step prevention."

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