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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Australia : Hundreds line up for swine flu jab

Via ABC News:

" A nationwide ban on seasonal flu shots for small children has not stopped Tasmanians getting a free jab for swine flu.

About 1300 Tasmanians received the vaccination at a clinic in Hobart yesterday.

The state has recorded three cases of swine flu so far this year but 150,000 people have received the vaccination.

The Deputy Director of Public Health, Dr Chrissie Pickin, says the vaccination can be given to anyone over the age of six months unlike the seasonal flu shot which has been suspended for children under the age of five after concerns that some children in Western Australia may have had adverse reactions.

"We've tried really hard to explain that the Panvax swine flu vaccination is an entirely different vaccine to the one that's been suspended and that it's got an extremely good safety record," Dr Pickin said."

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