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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Via The Express, more reminders to the people of UK that swine flue / H1N1 could make a drastic return:

" A SERIOUS outbreak of swine flu could hit Britain in the coming months, scientists have warned.

The UK is “not out of the woods yet” because the H1N1 strain seen last summer is likely to remain the dominant strain this coming flu season.

One Government flu adviser said the perception that “everyone’s had it” was wrong – as only one in seven had come into contact with the bug in some areas.

And Professor Robert Dingwall, from the University of Nottingham, admitted the UK was not hit as badly as expected during last year’s pandemic.

“But this does not mean that the virus is not capable of getting round these defences, leading to a second wave of infection,” he said.

He added that governments were “damned if they act and damned if they don’t”.

But it was “much better” to prepare for a worst-case scenario and then scale down the response than have to crank it up in an emergency, he said."

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