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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bahamas : Child dengue fever cases 'on the rise'

Via The Tribune :

" CLINICAL cases of dengue fever in children were said to be on the rise, according to a local doctor.

The physician also told The Tribune that the symptoms experienced by persons going to the clinics have increased and intensified across the board.

Health Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said that he could not confirm or deny reports as data from public and private facilities had not been fully compiled. However, he noted that dehydration played a key role in the severity of the disease.

The doctor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said: "It has not let up at all. We are swamped every day, and the symptoms that we are seeing now are a lot worse than what we were seeing at the start of the outbreak."

Health officials continue to stress the need for greater community involvement against the outbreak.

Preventative measures are a critical element in the fight to eradicate the disease, said Dr Minnis, as fogging exercises by the Department of Environmental Health have no affect on mosquito breeding grounds.

"Even after fogging," he said, "you will still have larvae, so in just a matter of days we're back to square one."

"These mosquitos don't travel more than 100 metres. So if you are bitten in a particular yard, the breeding site is either in that yard or the adjoining yard."

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