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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bangladesh culls 14,000 birds, destroys 50,000 eggs after flu virus detection

Via Xinhua :

"  Bangladesh's authorities have culled nearly 14,000 chickens and destroyed about 50,000 eggs since this season's first outbreak of bird flu was detected last month, an official said Tuesday.

The government's bird flu control room official told Xinhua that "some 13,727 chickens were culled since its resurrection last month."

Fresh outbreak of bird flu was detected in Bangladesh in the second week of November with arrival of winter season.

Ataur Rahman, assistant director at the control room of Fisheries and Live Stock Department, said some 12,762 chickens were culled in two commercial farms in central Manikganj and western Rajbarbi districts.

He said some 965 birds, including 400 at the latest on Monday, were culled in two flu-hit farms so far this month. "A total of 44, 756 eggs were also destroyed since the first outbreak in mid November," he added."

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