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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

US : 59 in Mississippi ill from Salmonella Tied to One Restaurant

Article via Food Safety News, excerpt :

" The Salmonella outbreak in Corinth has now been pinned on a single restaurant, so there is no threat to the general public in northeast Mississippi, the state health department advises.

But the Don Julio Mexican Restaurant in Corinth, MS is closed indefinitely after 59 of its customers and employees have returned cultures positive for Salmonella.

"Our investigation has shown that the incident does not appear to be a food producer or supplier issue," Dr. Jessie R. Taylor, the Northeast Mississippi District health officer, said in a news release. "It appears to be an isolated problem with this particular restaurant, and the restaurant is working closely with us to correct the problem."

Fear that multiple restaurants and/or a food producer or supplier might be responsible for the outbreak rose last week when Magnolia Regional Health Center began filling up with people with symptoms of Salmonella infection.

As more people became ill, state and district health officials moved into the town of 1,500, which sits near the Mississippi-Tennessee border, to conduct tests and food-history interviews.

Before the Mississippi State Department of Health concluded that only one restaurant was responsible, some feared multiple sources might be involved because the illnesses were so widespread."

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