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Friday, December 9, 2011

India : Varying temp brings flu

Via Times of India :

" CHANDIGARH: Fluctuation in temperature is making viral infections, like pneumonia and flu, tighten their grip on the city. On an average, 60 to 70 viral infection cases are being reported daily in hospitals here. Tertiary hospitals - PGI and Government Medical College and Hospital are seeing seven and 150 cases of pneumonia, respectively, in their emergency every day.

Doctors say a few more spells of showers will check such cases. Erratic weather conditions are resulting in proliferation of viruses that cause respiratory infections, especially among elderly and children. "Temperature variation breeds viruses. We are seeing 25 to 30 children daily with high fever due to viral infection that takes five to six days to ease. With a few showers, these infections will come down as viruses need humidity to spread," says Dr R S Bedi, a city-based paediatrician."

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