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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hong Kong :Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci case in Surgical Ward at Tung Wah Hospital

One more from the Centre for Health Protection in Hong Kong :

" The spokesperson for Tung Wah Hospital (TWH) made the following announcement today (December 20):

A 74-year-old male patient was admitted to the Surgical Ward of TWH on November 26 for terminal hepatocellular carcinoma. He was confirmed as a carrier of Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci (VRE) on December 17. The patient passed away on December 19 at TWH due to his underlying medical illness.

In accordance with the prevailing infection control guidelines, the hospital has screened inpatients who were in close contact with the index patient in the same period. So far six inpatients (four male and two female, aged 71 to 87) have tested positive as VRE carriers. They are now under medical surveillance and isolation. The hospital will continue the screening process.

The hospital has stepped up infection control measures in the ward according to established guidelines. The relevant ward environment and equipment have also been disinfected."

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