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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kenya: Cholera Outbreak Fears Over Isiolo Floods

Via All Africa :

" More than 2,000 families affected by flash floods in northern Kenya are facing a possible outbreak of cholera as they use untreated flood water for cooking and drinking.m The outbreak is imminent in Merti, Gafarsa, Sericho and Bassa area where thousands of families had their homes submerged when Ewaso Nyiro river burst its banks following heavy rain in the area.

The flash floods are washing away human wastes from latrines into the land surface and its environs posing great risk to residents. The deputy secretary general of Red Cross Dr James Kisia who visited Gafarsa in Garba-Tulla district following the floods, said sanitation was worsened by the raw wastes from latrines into the area. He said there is urgent need to improve sanitation and provide outreach programmes to sensitize the community on usage of treated water.

Isiolo South MP Abdul Bahari Ali said there was need to spray those latrines which were not affected and provide water purification facilities. He also appealed to the government and relevant organisations to support local dispensaries with drugs and other facilities to ensure that locals access the services."

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