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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

South Korea : H1N1 found on Daejeong pig farm, movement restriction ordered

Via The Jeju Weekly :

" On Dec. 26, Jeju government announced that the Animal, Plant and Fisheries Quarantine and Inspection Agency (QIA) found pigs infected with Influenza A virus (H1N1) at a farm located in Anseong village, Daejeong, Seogwipo City.

The virus is known to cause fever and flu symptoms in pigs. And it can be treated within a week.

The QIA confirmed that at the moment the extent of the infection is not severe.

The farm currently raises about 450 pigs, but the authorities have decided not to conduct a mass cull.

However, to prevent contagion, the provincial government ordered a three-week restriction on movement to and from the farm.

During this time, the status of the animals will be checked weekly, and if no other symptoms are found, the restriction order will be lifted."

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