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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Indonesia : Thousands of Poultry Bird Flu Positive

Machine translated article via Fajar Online :

" Vigilance against bird flu should be increased. Because the spread of the avian H5N1 virus continues to increase as well.

Specialty in Polman, in the last six months of 6387 birds carrying bird flu positive. Amount, beyond which are not recorded by the local Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. However, so far has not happened transmission to humans.

Data Distanak Polman, 6387 birds scattered in numerous places in some districts in this area.

In July, the bird flu attack at least 291 birds at Village Books, District Mapilli, Village Polewali, Darma Village, Village Matakali, and Mammi Village, District Binuang. In August, the birds in the Village of Polewali again be targeted, in addition to the Village Batetangnga, District Binuang with tail number 132. Subsequently, in September recorded 207 tails attacked the village Lapeo Campalagian District, Village District Alu Mombi, and the Village District Luyo Mambu."

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