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Monday, December 12, 2011

Fiji : Lepto kills farmer

Fatality due to leptospirosis has been recorded in Fiji. Article via The Fiji Times :

" A 30-YEAR old farmer has died after suffering from leptospirosis.

Ministry of Health spokesman Peni Namotu said leptospirosis is an infectious disease spread through the urine of infected wild and domestic animals.

And he urged members of the public suffering from headache, muscular pain, sudden onset of fever and redness of eyes to visit a doctor.

He said symptoms were very similar to that of flu, was often underestimated or ignored, leading to dangerous complications and even death.

Mr Namotu said the farmer, who was of Indian descent, passed away last Sunday.

He said the ministry's lab earlier this week confirmed leptospirosis as the cause of death.

The ministry has warned people, especially those in rural areas and living on farms, to take precautionary measures and wear proper footwear when going outdoors."

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