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Monday, December 12, 2011

Sudan : Rate of Malaria and Bilharzia increases in Darfur

Article via Radio Dabanga, excerpt :

" The health authorities in Darfur have revealed that the rate of malaria infection has reached 22% in Kas, 2% in Ad Elfursan and 2% in Eldaein. Speaking to Radio Dabanga, the head of the anti-malaria commission Dr. Jafar Abdulla Ali said that the symptoms of the disease included bruises on a patient's arms and legs as well swelling of the reproductive organs.

Due to the highly infectious nature of the disease, the infection of one person would require treatment for all the people in the county. This leaves the estimated price of treatment for the disease as $2.5 billion per year. Dr Ali claimed that 90% of the disease was caused by the anopheles mosquito and could be treated by using mechanisms to keep mosquitoes away, such as repellent treated nets."

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