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Friday, June 4, 2010

Uganda : Strange disease hits Bugiri islands

From Uganda's New Vision :

" A Strange disease struck Sigulu Islands on Lake Victoria in Bugiri district last week.

Three of the victims, who had stomach upsets and diarrhoea, were rushed to Port Victoria in Kenya.

One of them, only identified as Mangeni, died. “We tried to limit movements both on the island and across the water to the Bugiri mainland.

This somehow interfered with the ongoing voter update exercise,” a health worker said on condition of anonymity. Dr. Stephen Kirya, the Bugiri district health officer, ruled out the possibility of an epidemic.

“We are monitoring the situation. However, just like our counterparts in Kenya, we have tested and failed to trace cholera. Our task now is to establish the cause of the ailment,” Kirya said."

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