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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Venezuela : Malaria Epidemic

Via Time Newsline :

" As many as 21,601 malaria cases have been registered in Venezuela this year, which is almost double from 10,758 cases during the corresponding period last year. According to Venezuelan Health Ministry statistics, as many as 19,750 cases have been registered in southern Bolivar state only. The government official said that Bolivar state was hit by an epidemic.

The southern Venezuela is known for its abundant natural resources. According to reports, miners who ventured into forests in search of gold and diamonds caught the disease. Public health officials link the rise in epidemic with the government’s recent operation in which troops evicted hundreds of thousands of miners from so called illegal strip mines. Owing to the government operation, displaced miners took shelter in nearby towns, carrying the disease with them. The displacement of infected miners led to the rise of disease.

"We expected it. It hasn't taken us by surprise," said Dr. Ana Gineth Morales, who heads the Bolivar state Public Health Institute. "We've been efficient in diagnosing, detecting," she said. The government officials, however, have managed to avert any death due to the epidemic. Morales asserted that various parts of Bolivar had been hit by the epidemic since February. She expressed confidence the number of malaria cases will decline significantly."

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