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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Malaysia : Housewife succumbs to dengue fever

Via News Straits Times:

" A 56-year-old housewife died of haemorrhagic dengue fever at Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital here on Tuesday.

Lim Geak Lean, of Taman Ria, died about 10 days after she was admitted to the hospital.A relative of the family, who requested anonymity, said Lim had suffered from fever and complained of heavy bleeding while passing motion before she was admitted on March 27.

"Her condition did not show any improvement and we were worried when we heard a few of our neighbours were hospitalised for dengue.

"We were shocked when a doctor at the hospital confirmed that Lim was down with dengue," he said at Lim's house.

It is learnt that Lim's neighbourhood has been listed as a dengue risk area after several residents were affected by the disease.

However, these people have responded well to treatment and are expected to be discharged from hospital soon."

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