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Friday, December 17, 2010

Indonesia : Bali travel warning as dengue fever spreads

Via WA Today :

" A worrying spike in the number of Bali holiday-makers returning to WA with the potentially-fatal disease dengue fever has sparked a Health Department warning to travellers.

The Health Department's communicable disease control director Paul Armstrong said there had been over 430 reports of dengue fever in West Australians this year, three times as many as there were at the same time last year.

"Most of these cases are associated with travel to Bali," Dr Armstrong said.

"Travellers to developing countries need to be very careful with the food they eat and the water they drink."

The potentially deadly disease is carried by mosquitoes that tend to congregate in tropical areas and commonly bite during the day.

Symptoms can develop within three to 14 days of being bitten and include fever, vomiting, severe headaches, aching joints and muscles, rashes and pain behind the eyes."

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