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Friday, December 17, 2010

Saudi Arabia : 2,219 cases of dengue fever in Jeddah

Via Saudi Gazette :

" JEDDAH: A Makkah Health Affairs official has said there are 26 significant mosquito breeding ground sites in Jeddah and that greater efforts are required to eradicate them, particularly in the face of 2,219 recorded cases of Dengue fever.

“The Ministry of Health has reports confirming those figures,” the official said. “The ministry promotes public awareness and provides medical attention, while the Mayor’s Office is working hard to tackle the problem.

”Local authorities are frequently bombarded with complaints from the Jeddah public. Residents of Al-Haramain District have expressed their concern over an increase in mosquitoes due to stagnant areas of water left by last week’s rains.“The number of mosquitoes is on they rise,” one local said.

“We have complained to the mayoralty and the National Water Company.”Pupils from a school in Al-Ajwad also registered a formal complaint with the mayoralty over large areas of stagnant water in front of the premises and demanded the water be pumped away.

Ali Al-Qahtani, Deputy Mayor for Planning, said a committee with representatives from the mayoralty and the ministries of Health and Agriculture takes swift action over mosquito breeding grounds and other sources of Dengue fever."

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