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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Indonesia : Hit by Bird Flu, 350 Dead Chickens in Temanggung

Translated article from Suara Merdeka :

" A total of 350 chickens in Hamlet Druju, Mergowati Village, District Kedu died because of bird flu virus recently. Of these, 300 of whom are heads of broilers (broiler) from an existing farm intiplasma at the local hamlet, while 50 others are free-range chicken tail of individual citizens.

Head of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (Disnakkan), Slamet Saryono justify, the existence of the incident. After getting the report public about it, it then took several steps as follow-up treatment.

"We are aware of bird flu from the public report, then department officials visited the scene and quickly test samples of dead chicken carcasses. In addition, historical information to dig death chickens before ascertained that death was due to the chickens infected with avian birds, "he said.

He revealed, from narrative to local residents, feathered death occurred the first time in chickens belong to individuals resident there. A few days later, a new broiler farm intiplasma belonging to one citizen that followed the death gradually."

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