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Thursday, December 9, 2010

India : Dengue cases surfacing despite onset of winter

Via Chennai Online :

" New Delhi, Dec 8 : Dengue cases continue to be reported despite the onset of winter, leaving medical experts and health officials worried as normally mosquito breeding dips significantly by mid November.

"We hardly get to hear of dengue cases in winters. It stops by mid November. But this time even in December hospitals are reporting dengue cases," V K Monga, Health Committee Chairman, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, said.

"Our domestic breeding checkers are finding mosquito breeding in overhead tanks and coolers even at this time of the season. It is a myth that mosquitoes die during winters," an entomologist with a government agency said.

A mosquito lays eggs, 200 - 250 at one go and three to four times in its lifetime of 27 days. These eggs survive for the whole year."

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