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Friday, December 31, 2010

Indonesia : Temanggung, Central Java - Bird flu in chickens

From Ida at Bird Flu Information Corner :

" Temanggung : Total 350 chickens died of bird flu H5N1 in Dusun Draju, Desa Mergowati, Kecamatan Kedu, Central Java. Of all, 300 are broilers from a partnership commercial farm and 50 are backyard chickens belong to locals.

This incident has been confirmed by Head of Livestock and Fishery Service (Disnakkan), Slamet Saryono.

“We received reports of bird flu suspicion, and then confirmed it by rapid test to the dead chickens,” said Slamet.

Poultry death was first observed on chickens belong to local people. After several days, a commercial farm also experienced gradual chicken death, Slamet added.

The virus is suggested to have spread from household chickens reared by locals to commercial farm."

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