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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Indonesia : Hundreds of Chickens Die of Bird Flu Attacked

Translated article from Suara Merdeka :

" Hundreds of chickens owned by residents in the hamlet of Slaman and Plagan, Mandong Village, District Trucuk, Klaten died suddenly attacked by the bird flu virus (Influenza Aviant). Chicken deaths continued to spread to make people uneasy and began to burn the dead chickens to anticipate the possibility of further attacks to other livestock.

"Chickens I have 10 fish that died this week. Belongs to another neighbor if Terliht hundreds tail," said Dalno, a resident of Hamlet Slaman, Mandong Village, District Trucuk, Monday (20/12).

He explained that belong to citizens of chicken deaths actually occurred since a week ago. Chickens that died from the age of adult chicken a week until the age of one year. But because there are few number of dead, residents relax. However, because the more days the number of chickens that died increased many residents began to fret. Some residents are afraid to burn and bury dead animals in order not contagious."

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