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Monday, December 20, 2010

Japan : Tottori avian flu hunt finds 23 dead birds

Via The Japan Times :

" TOTTORI/TOYAMA (Kyodo) : Tottori Prefectural Government experts found 23 dead birds Sunday in the city of Yonago during field studies conducted to look for abnormalities after a strain of the highly pathogenic avian flu virus was found in a dead swan.

The experts said they will send the birds to Tottori University in an effort to determine if they were infected with the deadly bird flu virus

About 20 animal specialists from Tottori patrolled roads, stretches of coastline and other areas within a 10-km radius of a house in the city of Yonago where an infected swan was found, and within a 10 km radius of a poultry farm hit earlier by bird flu in the neighboring city of Yasugi in Shimane Prefecture, officials said."

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