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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Japan : Hooded crane in Kagoshima tests positive for avian flu

Via Japan Times, excerpt :

" TOKYO : A hooded crane found dead in Japan’s largest crane wintering place in Izumi Plains, Kagoshima Prefecture, has tested positive for avian influenza in a preliminary test, the Environment Ministry and other authorities said Tuesday.

The bird is one of two hooded cranes found debilitated in the Izumi-Takaono National Wildlife Protection Area on Saturday and which had died by Monday, the authorities said. Cranes flying into the plains are designated ‘‘special natural treasures’’ by the government for protection purposes.

Officials at the Izumi city government delivered specimens taken from their bodies to Kagoshima University, which then found one of the two to be infected with the flu, they said.
The university has turned over the specimens to Tottori University to check if a highly pathogenic avian flu virus is present."

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