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Friday, December 10, 2010

India : Maharashtra Govt takes several steps to prevent viral diseases

Via New Kerala :

" Nagpur, Dec 9: In order to prevent viral diseases like Swine flue, the Maharashtra government has taken several measures such as appointment of disaster management team at the state and districts level, provision of death audit meetings, separate control room and proper training of doctors, Public Health and Welfare Minister Suresh Shetty and Minister of state Fauziya Khan informed the Council today.

They were replying to a question raised by members Prakash Binsale and Vinod Tawade among others about the deaths due to viral diseases.

While submitting the written information on the same in the House, they said the deaths caused by malaria and dengue were 114 and five respectively, while 435 died due to swine flu in the state and no death was reported due to typhoid."

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