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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jordan : H1N1 total rises to 33

Via The Jordan Times :

" AMMAN : Fourteen new H1N1 influenza cases were confirmed on Wednesday, bringing to 33 the total number of cases in the Kingdom since the strand re-emerged earlier this month.

In a press statement issued yesterday, the health ministry said 14 newly confirmed cases have been reported, adding that 12 H1N1 patients have recovered from of the disease. Five patients are currently receiving treatment at home while 12 remain hospitalised, the statement added. No new H1N1 influenza-related deaths were reported.

Since its re-emergence on December 11, H1N1 flu has claimed the lives of four people in the country, prompting health authorities to implement a national plan prepared by the National Committee for the Prevention of Epidemics and issue weekly updates on the disease
Under the current treatment protocol, H1N1 patients who exhibit mild symptoms and do not fall under higher risk categories are treated at home without anti-viral or medical tests and go unreported, according to the ministry.

Those who suffer from chronic diseases, pregnant women, children and the elderly fall under the higher risk category."

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