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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hong Kong : Public hospitals announce latest Human Swine Influenza cases

From Hong Kong's Centre for Health Protection :

" In response to the recent influenza situation in Hong Kong, the Hospital Authority (HA), in close collaboration with the Centre for Health Protection, has activated the enhanced monitoring system for severe influenza patients staying in the intensive care unit of public hospitals. The HA spokesman today (February 23) announced that there were three newly confirmed Human Swine Influenza (HSI) cases, including a 50-year-old male patient at Queen Elizabeth Hospital who is in critical condition. The other two patients are a 60-year-old male patient at Queen Mary Hospital and a 60-year-old female patient at Pok Oi Hospital. Both are in serious condition. The three patients were prescribed with Tamiflu.

As at 2pm today, there were a total of 23 influenza patients in the intensive care units of public hospitals, including the above newly confirmed HSI cases."

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