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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saudi Arabia : 11 dengue fever cases in Jeddah

An article rom Saudi Gazette :

" JEDDAH: Jeddah Health Affairs has announced 11 confirmed cases of dengue fever but reassured the public that there is “no cause for alarm”, saying that the figure is not as high as previous years.

“As a whole, the situation is not worrying, because there are only 11 confirmed cases of dengue fever out of a suspected 32 reported this week,” said Sami Badawoud, head of Jeddah Health Affairs. “The figure is okay compared to last year.”

He also noted that the Mayor’s Office is responsible for fighting the illness, while Health Affairs is tasked with “promoting awareness”. The tasks of the two authorities, he said, are clearly defined and do not clash.

“The mayoralty is directly responsible for combating dengue fever and surveillance of the breeding grounds and Health Affairs has only an awareness role,” he said."

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