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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Zealand : Quake rescues raise hopes more alive

Via New Zealand Herald :

" The Fire Service has confirmed 15 people have been rescued after more than 20 hours amid fire and devastation in the Canterbury TV building following yesterday's 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch.

The news came as police said they had recovered 75 bodies after the quake - 20 of which had not yet been identified - and Prime Minister John Key declared a national state of emergency.

Transalpine Area Commander Ross Ditmer said the group of survivors was found by a camera sent into the building by Urban Search and Rescue.

He did not know the level of injuries they suffered, but said they were all alive and receiving medical care.

"There's still a small fire in the building, so their survival has been remarkable. We're absolutely ecstatic. It just shows the work the USR people are doing is paying off."

Pyne Guinness Gould rescues

Mr Ditmer also confirmed one person had been pulled from the collapsed Pyne Guinness Gould (PGG) building in the last hour.

TVNZ reported a woman had been rescued came more than 21 hours after the earthquake and minutes after a man was pulled out of the building."

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