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Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Zealand : Live updates - Christchurch quake - day three

Live updates from TVNZ :

" 5.09pm recap
- police have delayed releasing a list of missing people and confirmed victims.
- Superintendent Dave Cliff says it remains a rescue operation.
- but hopes of finding survivors fading, particularly at CTV building.
- Estimate of people trapped in CTV building between 60 and 120.
- Defence Minister Wayne Mapp says Lyttelton is heavily devastated.
- Gerry Brownlee is appointed Minister of Canterbury Earthquake Recovery.
- 76 bodies are in a temporary morgue, but that number is expected to rise considerably.
- the list of missing stands at 238.
- no one has been rescued the rubble of the ruined city since yesterday.
- BP now able to replenish stocks.
- 75% of city expected to have power back tonight. - hospitals coping well.
- the city has been divided into grids where search and rescue personnel are working.

Suggestions Christchurch city should be moved, or the financial district shifted to a more stable area, are absurd, Deputy Mayor Ngaire Button said. "Where would you move it to? The whole of Canterbury (province) is shaking," Button told Reuters.

5.02pm: A free-to-call service to take non-emergency queries from the public has been set up to ease pressure on emergency phone numbers in Christchurch. The number is 0800 96 0133 .

4.54pm: King's Education has published a list of missing students and staff on its website. Forty-six people from the school are missing, according to the list. The school was located on the third floor of the collapsed CTV building.

4.45pm: A website set up by the New Zealand Law Society as a contact point for lawyers offering assistance has been overwhelmed by the response. The website co-ordinates information about legal services, provides a directory of assistance offered by lawyers to the public, and provides documents and property-related information."

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