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Monday, February 21, 2011

India : Thousands of ducks and chickens killed in Indian bird flu scare

Via The National :

" Health workers have killed about 4,000 ducks and chickens at a government-run farm in the remote Indian state of Tripura after some tested positive for bird flu, a government official said yesterday.

Sixteen public health teams also began slaughtering poultry within one kilometre of the state-run farm in an attempt to halt the spread of the virus, said Jyotirmoy Chakrabarty, joint director of the state's animal research department.

Mr Chakrabarty said some poultry on the farm were infected with the H5 strain of bird flu, and more tests were under way to determine whether it was the virulent H5N1 subtype.
There were no reports of any humans being infected, he said."

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