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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Zealand : Christchurch quake - Desperate wait for news of friends

Emergency services search the rubble for survivors of the collapsed CTV building in Madras Street last night. Photo / Brett Phibbs
An article from NZ Herald :
" A man who has more than a dozen close friends and colleagues missing in earthquake-devastated central Christchurch says all he can do is wait and hope they are still alive.

Richard Lord had until recently worked for regional television station CTV, which is based in one of the worst-hit buildings in the 6.3 magnitude quake that hit yesterday, claiming at least 75 lives.

Some of the occupants of the CTV building have been freed alive, while others have been confirmed dead and many are still missing.

There have been conflicting reports on news bulletins and websites that there may be up to 15 people still alive in a pocket in the wreckage, and that all hope of finding more survivors is lost.

Mr Lord, an employee of three years at CTV, said the workforce was a "notoriously tight bunch".
"It's very difficult waiting and not knowing," Mr Lord said.

"You do whatever you can to try to find information and try to get in touch with the people who were okay and managed to get out. We know some are okay, but we don't know anything more about the other people."

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